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GFX50r: shutter release button issues


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Hi there,
my GFX50r shows a weird behaviour: it focuses regularly and indicates that the focus has been found, but there is a considerable delay when I then press the shutter button to actually take the image. It can be more than a few seconds. Would you have any idea what the problem could be? I tried with my GF50mm lens, but also an adapted EF lens via the Fringer adapter.

In low light the issue is worse. I tried a reset of the entire camera without any success. In MF mode there is no delay.

Edit: Now I found out by accident what seems to be the issue: Even though the shutter is completely depressed, no image is taken. If I however press harder, it takes the image. Is that a hardware defect?

Thank you!
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Weird. What could be different in regard to the shutter button when shooting MF or AF mode ?


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It seems like the following three steps are needed to take a picture:
(1) I first press the shutter half to ensure focus.
(2) Then further press the shutter button - there is a little resistance.
(3) Then I press the shutter button a little further, the picture is taken.

Is that a normal behaviour?
Edit: Pressig the shutter shouldn‘t be a science - I guess there is a hardware malfunction. Will check it out with my dealer.
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