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Good News from Sinar


Well-known member
Probably the best news one could hope for if you are a Sinar user - certainly put a smile on my dial. Some exciting news for existing owners of Hy6 will be announced in October.

Sinar announcement below:

Sinar Information
Sinar Photography to take over parts of SINAR AG Sinar – brand and embodiment of modular analog and digital system solutions for professional
photography. With effect from October 1, 2009, Sinar Photography AG will take over the Development, Sales, Service and Support divisions for the products of the Sinar brand. Sinar Photography originates from Tekno AG, which has already been marketing the Sinar products in Switzerland up to now. By the end of 2009, the entire unit will be established at Farbhofstrasse 21 in Zurich. The move to Zurich will make Sinar even more accessible to its customers in future. The commitment of Stephan Fässler (CEO of the new
company Sinar Photography and owner of Tekno AG) and Erich Frefel (Director Marketing & Sales) will ensure continuity of personnel, also in the continuation and further development of the traditional products under the name Sinar Photography. In an initial step, Sinar AG’s mechanical production was spun off and made independent via a management buyout effective July 1, 2009. The mechanical production now operates under the name Femron AG ( Femron will continue to produce the mechanical cameras and accessories for Sinar Photography. The German and Swiss markets will be served directly by Sinar Photography from Switzerland, with support from an existing service, repair and sales office in the Hamburg region. Additional sales support offices will be announced shortly.Sinar Photography will continue to provide professional and expert service for its customers. Service and support for the current Sinar product range are also guaranteed for the future with the new firm Sinar Photography, including the repair, warranty and guarantee service for Sinar view camera systems, the digital backs and the Hy6 and Sinar m medium-format camera systems.

The ongoing product development at Sinar Photography will focus predominantly on the tried-andtested analog and digital camera systems. This includes the digital backs, the globally renowned Sinar view cameras for studio applications, and the specialist cameras for architecture and document
photography. The continuation of the Hy6 medium-format camera is currently under negotiation, but the existing business alliance guarantees long-term technical support. The Sinar eXposure software, which generates DNG files and has a unique shading function specially for architecture photography, will also be continued by Sinar Photography.

The declared goals include opening up the Sinar camera platforms further for the attachment of third-party backs. The Sinar products will continue to be sold worldwide via the established and proven distribution channels.

Pete :D


Well-known member
Not a lot of afficionados in this space David - a good thing our gear can and will be serviced.:thumbs:


New member
Well, Tom Streng, Graham and I are here as well, and Stuart Richardson at least used to have some Sinar equipment as well, although I have vague recollections of a change there?
Nope, I still have my stuff. I hem and haw about it a lot, and I am not the happiest user in some aspects, but the losses of selling still outweigh the gains of just hanging onto it for me. But this is about the best news we can expect. They sound like they are streamlining and trying to more realistically place themselves in the market. It would be great if they could get the Hy6 production started again. It would be nice even if it was just very small scale and geared towards rounding out the system -- getting a 35mm or wider wide angle lens and the 6x6 back...I am sure there are other things that people are after. I just wonder if there are enough users out there to make it economical.


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Guys I have decided to keep my Hy6 and lens system following this news...I have heard that there is a firmware update coming for the camera as well..improved autofocus amongst other things..

Stuart I have the 40mm - outstanding lens.
I think I must have a defective 40mm lens -- I would like to try it alongside someone else's one day. Mine is ok, but it is not a lens I would rave about -- it is not very sharp until f/11 or f/8, there is noticeable distortion and color fringing. Perhaps I am asking too much, but it definitely does not compare to the other Schneider lenses I have used like the 60mm, 80mm AF, 150, 180, etc.

Graham Mitchell

New member
Ok, very rough test. It's dark and cold outside. I can make a better one another day.

This test shot wide open (f3.5)

Full frame:

100% crop of in-focus area:
Thanks for the example. That does indeed look sharp. I do not believe my lens can do this, at least not over most of the image field. I will set up a test of my own some time when I get a chance.

Thanks again,