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Great A7/A7r deal at Mikes Camera- bring in ANY camera for $300 off


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Well I pulled the trigger. I called up my local Mikes Camera today (the only local real camera shop that sells Sony) and asked if they had an A7 body only in stock. The Salesman that had been helping the last few weeks (by letting me bring in a ton of old lenses to try on their demo) informed me that a new promotional just started this morning...

If you bring in any old camera, film or digital, working or not, you get 300 bucks off the price of a new A7 or A7R. Holy wow, my timing for once was perfect.

I told him to hold me one and quickly went thru the old film cameras. Way in the back of the camera cupboard was an old non functioning Minolta SRT 101 that I had purchased just for the Rokkor 55/1.4 on the front. I loaded up the little thing and headed down to Mikes.

The promotion went off without a hitch. $300 credit, so my A7 was 1399.99. I also took advantage of the $50 savings when you buy the grip with an A7 so I got that for 249.99. Not a bad deal at all. An A7 and grip for less then what the A7 cost yesterday.

This deal also seems to work with all the other promotions Sony is running now, like on the 55/1.8 and 35/2.8 and flash.

Oh, the guy at Mikes told me that Sony only chose two retailers in the country to do this...Mikes is one and he is not sure of the other one. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know. Heck of a deal if your on the fence about an A7.

Cant wait to start shooting with this baby. :)


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Great deal. So the 64 k question is where the heck is Mikes. Lol
Haha...I guess I should have included that. :p

Mike's Camera | Home

Mostly in Colorado and a few in California. I know that they bought out some of the old Ritz camera locations. I was fortunate to have a Mikes local here.

Im wondering now if this promo is also good for an online purchase....


Focus Camera in NY also has the same deal. I just ordered the A7r with the 35 and flash. I really like the A7. So I am sure I will like the A7r
Our local camera store Keeble & Shuchat Photography offering $200 off for Sony A7R, if you trade-in any old camera, functioning or non functioning. When I said I will come back tomorrow, they said, no need to bring the old camera, buy it now and get $200 credit. :)
So, the "only 2 retailers in the country" offering the $300 discount deal has already expanded by 50%, with another dealer offering a close 2nd! Looks like 'Mikes' was under-informed or good at marketing! ;)

Either way, a great deal. Here in Australia Sony Australia offered a free adapter (Metabones Mk III EF, Leica-M or Sony Alpha LEA-4), for any A7 or A7R bought Jan-Mar 2014. If bought in January 2014 they also offered a free vertical grip for the body-only purchases. I took advantage of both freebies as a largely alt-lens user on my Canon 5D MK III.

At the online retailer I chose in Australia, those who wanted the A7 could get the 28-70 zoom for only $100 extra at one stage, also probably a Sony Australia promotion.
I'm pulling my trigger today. Mikes camera (Menlo Park, California) is offering $500 off today. I'm going to trade in my Minolta film camera.

The deal ends @5:00 PM today!!!
500 off!? Holy wow, thats a great deal! :)
After long time I purchased something from a local store. This deal was difficult to pass up. It was good that I resisted myself from buying it yesterday with $200 off.

When I called their one of the Colorado store, they told me $300 off for trading an old camera (functioning or not). When I called the store in Menlo Park, they told me $500 off, but it ends today. So I guess their different locations has different deals.

Thanks "f/otographer" for sharing this. I didn't know much about Mikes Camera until I saw your post last night and didn't even know that one exists within 20- 30 min driving distance from my home. :)

By the way, they didn't have one in stock, so will get me one by coming Wed from their Sacramento warehouse.