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GXR repair: the good news


Subscriber Member
I bought my GXR second hand in May. It had a small delaminated patch, and I didn't think much of it until it spawned more patches. I contacted the Ricoh (Europe) team (what a dreadful contact procedure!) and learned that it was still in warranty (as a Pentaxian I'm used to one-year warranty!) and that the warranty was transferrable, so I sent it in a couple of weeks ago.

I had a very helpful phone call from Germany shortly afterwards, then series of polite and helpful emails keeping me informed at every step. The body arrived home today in far better shape than when it left, with full documentation of tests carried out, work done, and the latest software update.

All in all, excellent service.

Given the general dissatisfaction I read on many other photography fora, I think it's worth noting my satisfaction with Ricoh Europe. Those of you who have been with Ricoh longer than I may not be surprised, of course!