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H3D Battery life?


I'm using the CR123 battery grip for my H3D 39 and im finding that I'm getting maybe 30-40 shots before the batteries give up the ghost. I have a bunch of the 750mAH rechargeable batteries that I'm swapping out. Is this battery life normal? or is it short? Would I be better off with the H3200 battery grip?

Thanks in advance. ad


I would recommend the Hasselblad Rechargeable Li-Ion 3200 Battery Grip since it is rechargeable. That said, it is not cheap new or pre-owned and then you have to get a charger. Nothing worse than carrying the camera around without power--a useless brick to lug around at that point.


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Even look into the older style rechargeable grip. I can pull 400 shots with a fresh one with a digital back, with a film back it should last a month or more. :). It's easy to re-cell them with panasonic 18500's (larger grip takes 18650's)