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Hasselblad 500 C/M untouched for 15 years


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I picked up my late mother-in-law's 500 C/M, unused since the 1990s. After perusing online manuals, I figured out how to work it, but the metal slide between the film and the shutter came out covered in black goo and a piece of sticky black tape came out of the film back with it. I assume that this was part of the light-proofing around the slot.

Is this easily repairable? I figure the camera needs a good CLA. (And the Gossen Luna-pro needs new batteries...).




The black tape that came out with the darkslide is indeed the light trap. It is a fairly easy fix if you have basic small tool skills plus a new light trap. Or you can send the camera to Hasselblad USA and they can do the CLA for you. They currently have a special "Check to Spec" service for V system cameras for $99. They can replace the light trap for an additional $30 and lens main spring for $60 at the time of inspection. Not a bad deal and if the camera has not been used it should get a good going over. Here is the link to their offer:

There are other repair places aside from Hasselblad that can perform the service as well.


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Several local photogs suggested Nippon Photo Clinic in town, so I brought it to them and got it back yesterday. :cool: The second roll is drying. Perhaps a tribute to the Pentax 645 lenses, but with my questionable skills, and scanned at 2400 dpi, they look mighty similar. (On a flatbed, is there anything to be gained by a higher dpi?) On the other hand, walking around looking at that world projected on that ground glass is intoxicating. :thumbs: I never get as good a sense of what the photo will look like through an eye level viewfinder.

Pictures to come...