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HASSELBLAD 907x TechView question


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I’m thinking about getting a TechView camera to go with a 907X back. Been looking at the Cambo RS1600 simply because you can rotate the camera without having to remove the back.
I am thinking about getting a few Cambo T/S shutterless lenses. If i do any shifts to start with will i run into color cast issues requiring a LLC?

What other issues will I run into? I realize will be using the Electronic Shutter on the 907X


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The Cambo 1600 is a nice choice. @dchew has published a very nice series on using technical cameras at PhotoPXL. I think there are four installments so far, with the latest one here. There's good information about specific lenses, their image circles, and necessity for LCC to be found here and here. You can piece together the information you're looking for between these two articles. In terms of requiring LCC, the CFV50 II's sensor should behave similarly to the IQ3100 listed in the table in the latter article. Good luck!

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Color casts and light falloff are going to be lens-dependent, but, in my limited experience with the CFVII on an Alpa using movements - yes, LCC is required if you’re doing movements. It’s called “scene calibration” in Phocus.
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Pretty much yes to LCC with more than very minor shifts. From first-hand experience, I'd avoid the 35XL on that back if you plan on shifting much. 40HR is a solid performer on the CFV back.