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Hasselblad H6D-100c, 35-90mm, 100mm, 150mm


New member
I am selling my baby with this one. It is essentially the best camera setup there is and I know I will miss it, but need to clear up some funds. I bought every piece of it brand new at a price of just over $56,000. All lenses and camera are in immaculate condition and create the most breath taking images I have ever seen. All lenses are the newest versions with the orange dots and 1/2000th shutter speeds / syncs. I once was told by a client on set that it would be hard not to create are when the camera looks like a piece of art already. All pieces come with original boxes, paperwork and accessories.

The items in this package are:

Hasselblad H6D-100c
Hasselblad 35-90mm
Hasselblad 100mm
Hasselblad 150mm
Hasselblad HVM (waist level finder)
Hasselblad H quick release plate
Extra Hasselblad H battery
2 ProGrade 512GB CFast memory cards

Price for everything $40,000 net

With the extreme value of this one, I would prefer to meet face to face for the sale, even if this means a little travel. Payment will need to be done via wire transfer.

H6D 3.jpgH6D 1.jpgH6D 4.jpg35-90 3.jpg100 3.jpg150 2.jpgViewfinder.jpg


Active member
All I can offer is an unreasonable offer and a free bump. This kit is beautiful and doesn't deserve to sit idle for even this long.


New member
Was surprised to see the topic so high when I checked in today, and appreciate it guys.

Don’t know if it is all that surprising that it has taken so long as I know the industry in which these cameras are used (high end advertising) is currently at a stand still. However, if it doesn’t sell and the industry returns, it will be a nice kit to hold onto. I thought about even picking up a GFX100 during the lul, but the shutter sync is impossible to photograph athletes in studio and the actually image quality on the one I rented was significantly lower than the Hass... time will tell.