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I'm off to Havana in March and wondered about film. I'll be taking my GX-100, probably set to B&W high ISO, manual everything. I'll also be taking the Olympus SP35, and was thinking about taking Reala. I want something I can process in Havana, something with good colour, something that will be fine to scan with and play with in Lightzone.

Just wondered what your thoughts were. The 7 Day Shop has a great deal on 2007 Reala, which I'm sure is fine, so thought it would be perfect. Any ideas would be great.

Take care.


Robert Campbell

Active member
We were in Cuba last spring, and had a couple of days in Havanna. There are almost no shops -- one of the kids's luggage got lost in transit, and we couldn't buy any clothes for him, nor could we get any of the contact lens solutions.

I only shoot digital now, so I didn't look for any photo processing labs. I'm sure there are some, but I wonder about the quality. OTOH, the Cubans are very friendly and masters of improvisation, so it can probably be done.




Sr. Administrator
Staff member
I have not been in Cuba for about 10 years, but back then, they X-Rayed everything coming IN as well as going out... If I were to go back today, I would probably sick to digital.