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Hello :- ) and how to send direct/private message please


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I'm new to this forum because I am getting started in larger format photography (tech & view cam, LF lenses, digital back, etc.). Either I'm blind and cannot find the direct/private message option (interested in for sale item) or I'm too new to this forum and the option is not yet showing for me. Any ideas and, if latter, what is the threshold before I can direct message?



P.S. I shoot for fun and am humbled to all the experience and knowledge of the members here on GetDPI. Thanks for having me.
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Mouse over the avatar on any post from someone you want to send a message too. A popup will appear ... click the "Start a Conversation" button.


Click on the envelope button in the top bar of the page view. Then click on "Start a new conversation" ... Type in the screen name of whomever you want to send a message to, then create your message, etc.



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Haha. It's there now. But I swear it was not before. I moused over everything imaginable :), including going to user profile page. Or, I'm losing my mind. Regardless, thank you for the response!