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High speed HD?


New member
I'm looking for a camera or camcorder that can provide high speed video in HD.

I have used Casio's, which can record at 120 fps (which is fast enough), but the video quality is not very good.

There are specialty video cameras that can do high speed HD, but they cost over $100,000.

I thought that a compromise might be a camcorder or camera that can record 60p in HD. Could this be edited at 30 fps to reduce apparent speed by half?

Or, are there any prosumer HD camcorders or cameras that can record 120 fps.

I also need to be able to set the shutter to 1/1000th of a second.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Jorgen Udvang

Subscriber Member
Many mirrorless cameras do 120fps now. Panasonic G95 does, the G9 and GH5 do 180fps and the GH5s 240fps. All of thes do high speed at 1080p. The Z-Cam E2 (MFT-mount) does 160fps 4K and costs $2,000, but you have to add a viewfinder etc.
As Jorgen says.

With regard to cameras (over camcorders) I know a couple of pro' videographers that have purchased the Pana GH5 or GH6 over all other dslr/mirrorless cameras.