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How about more and more fun with Leica M? (Film)


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After a pause of a few month (due to other activities, mostly good) I picked up my project on the pre WW1 defense systems that are still scattered in the area where I live. Most of them are located along the "anti-tank canal" which also meant they were largely overgrown, since that's now mainly a recreational forest. However as part of the forest maintenance they are clearing all the bushes and 90% of the trees on the banks of the canal. That gives some fresh viewpoints I've never seen before in the 22 years I now live here. Here's two from saturday. It's actually the same bunker, as seen from different sides of the canal.

Both M2 + Summicron 50/2 DR, FP4+ developed to iso 200 in microphen, scanned on an Epson V700 and further processed in Lightroom


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For illustration, this is how the same bunker looked last summer.

M2 + Summaron 35/2.8, FP4 developed in ID11 to iso 125, scanned and further processed in Lightroom


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That's all not too far from Operation: Market Garden. Must be a fascinating area you live in. Different war, of course.



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Operation Market garden is located about 1,5 hours drive by car to the north-east from here. But at the time Belgium and the south of the Netherlands were already liberated.

The forts, redoubts and bunkers that I live close to (all within a 1 hour bicycle ride) are indeed from the previous war, or actually before. The were built in the very early 1900's and never played a key role then. The Germans just developed their "Fat Bertha" gun which pierced the concrete of all these installations easily so the Belgian army surrendered quickly in November 1914 and the whole idea to defend the harbour of Antwerp this way fell apart. What I find amazing is that about 80% of all these installations is still there after now more than 105 years after the start of WW1


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I've been busy scanning film! Both photos from 1998, taken with either M6 or M3 and probably 35 Summicron.
Car(?) repair shop, Xian, China:

Prince Edward District, Hong Kong:


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The next 7 shots were a bit of an experiment, I recently found a 135 mm external viewfinder (SHOOC) for my M2, since the camera only gives lines for the 35, 50 and 90 mm in the viewfinder. You have to focus using the split image in the camera viewfinder and then frame the shot using the external viewfinder on top of the camera. It worked quite well, allthough a few shots were spoiled by an absolute misfocus, all coming down to user error. I probably lined up the wrong lines in the split image rangefinder :rolleyes:, but for the rest (when I focussed correctly) it all worked as expected and the lines in this external viewfinder are pretty accurate. The viewfinder can also be adjusted downward for closer shots to prevent a paralax error and has additional marks with a smaller frame that needs to be used near the minimum focus distance (since the angle of view gets smaller when focussing closer)

For this I went to the cemetery "Schoonselhof" in Antwerp, some people call it Antwerp's version of Pere Lachaise but I think that's a bit of an overstatement, allthough some nice monuments can be found there

1: Renée (only got to the age of 6 😥)

2: Madame Marie Pecher

3: Angel

4: Broken and faded memories

5: Commander Gallo Galli, Italian general consul in Antwerp

6: Irrespective of faith (commonwealth wargraves)

7: Belgian wargraves

All: Leica M2 + Elmar 135/4, FP4+ developed in "one shot" Microphen 1:1 to 200 iso, scanned on an Epson V700 and finished in Lightroom


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Well, first film through my M7 for over a year - triggered by curiosity as to how my recently acquired 50mm Noctilux f1 v4 would perform. Below is an example taken at f1 on Friday & developed at the kitchen sink this morning. Tri-X & 1:50, Rodinal.TreeAndFenceAt_f1.jpg


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I hiked 'the Enchantments' trail near Leavenworth, WA during early Sep, 2021. It was one of the most scenic days I've ever spent in nature. It's a hard trek to complete in one day, so I traveled light with only my Leica M-A to take quick hand-held snapshots along the way. The Fall colors of the gold-needled Larch trees were magical. However I chose to shoot in B&W as you can see. Here's a couple scenes that turned out nicely.

35mm Summicron - Adox HR50




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(It's been a while since I last visited this website.) Here's a few Portra 400 photos from the summer this year in the UK. All 28 Summaron-M photos.

Isle of Wight

Yorkshire Dales

Absolutely love the color and character . The flare is especially nice too. Portra is probably my favorite C41 films. Are these shot at box speed or other? Nicely done!


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Reviewing this thread and saw Pegelli's reference to the 135mm, I started to think, "I wonder where my 135mm optical finder is?" ... completely forgetting that my M4-2 has 35-50-90-135 frame lines in the finder! Doh!

It's obviously been too long since I took the M4-2 out for a walk... :eek:


It was this photo that ultimately got me to switch to Leica digital. I took this shot quickly with an M7 and 35mm Summicron v3 and made the worst novice underexposed backlighting mistake. I scanned it with the 5000ED and fixed it in Lightroom. I then decided the flexibility of digital is too good to avoid and really I am after a digital file regardless of how it was made.