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How about more and more fun with Leica M? (Film)


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Does a Leica CL count as an M? I tried shooting a roll through my father's old camera. I bought a battery adapter to revive the meter, but the voltage seems to be off so it reads 3 stops slow. It seems consistently different, so I just set the film ISO lower to adjust (works for faster film like 400 at least). Anyways, most images came out pretty well exposed. Focus is another challenge with this tiny viewfinder though... :)

Sandbox time by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

Little Pink Shoes by Graham Gibson, on Flickr

Tilted by Graham Gibson, on Flickr


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Two oldies, from our trip to the "Wild West" in 1982 ;)

Mist trail and Vernon Falls in Yosemity

M2, FP4, Microphen

The "endless road" through Monument Valley

M2, scanned slide

I had two identical M2 bodies and three lenses with me (35/2.8, 50/3.5, 90/4) that trip, but didn't take notes which camera/lens was used for which photo :oops:
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