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How about some portraits


Musician Tom Pirozzoli. Hasselblad 503CW, PhaseOne IQ-160 back, Zeiss Sonnar Superachromat CFi 250mm. Outdoors, clear sky between two buildings.




That's a great shot Chris!

Here's one I like from Gao, Mali, not a brilliant place to be with a camera to be honest, not much fun without a camera either!



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Taken for a series of 7ft tall prints for a poetry festival. That is the Romanian poet Carmen Elisabeth Puchianu and her writing.


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Same poetry festival, different year. French poet Emeric de Monteynard. This was on a Linhof view camera with a p25 back.



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Recent senior portrait. Phase XF, Schneider 150mm LS BR, IQ4 150, Profoto with SMDV Alpha Speedbox. Kinda fun to see the subtle changes with different MFDBs.

P0000562 doll lotr 60 WEB.jpg


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I’ve been trying to convince myself I don’t need the 150mm LS, you are making it really hard.
For portraiture---the Phase-Schneider 150mm LS BR is in a class by itself. I've always liked the 150mm focal for portraiture, and consequently have owned every iteration released by Mamiya/Phase/Schneider. The latest Blue Ring generation is well-worth the investment. :thumbup:

CF002964 WEB.jpg

Phase XF, IQ3100, Schneider 150mm LS BR, Profoto


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Definitely not a cat, Tom. :D

Georgy. IQ180 in studio. This bull terrier literally was about 50% stronger than my own bully. He sat still just long enough for this portrait.

CF005924 Georgy.jpg