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How to..


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I would like to have my Z6 bracket shoot 5 shots when I press the shutter release After a 2/10 second delay.

I would like to do this without going into the intervalometer.

Could you help me please. I am unable to find how to do this.

Thank you folks.

p.s. I am setting the 2/10 second delay using the drive mode button.


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I assume when you say bracket, you are wanting to exposure bracket? I have never tried setting it with the delay. Goto AE section via menu for bracketing, choose 5 frames and whatever EV spacing you want. Drive mode for camera now needs to be in Continuous, and I think C-High is best, but Low will work too. With delay set, it should fire off five frames for you after that 2/10's sec delay you set. If not, then I'd have to assume it won't work with the delay and you have to hold the shutter button for the full 5 frames, but here the cam will stop itself after the 5.

PS: I just confirmed EB does work with shutter delay but it applies the delay to each frame, not just the first -- but if you hold the shutter button down, you will capture all 5 frames with the appropriate compensation. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the suggestion.
My issue is not to keep the shutter release button depressed through the bracketing shots.
Yes it is exposure bracketing I was looking at.