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Ideas for post workflow with Hassey 907x-cfv ii 50c and xcd 21mm lens


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One more convenience note... If you want to view any variations of an image, you don't need to use the Adjustments Browser tool. You can simply click on the Adjustments Toolbar, located directly above the viewer window, and you'll get a drop down menu showing: 1) "Factory" standard settings, 2) all of your "User" custom settings (what Capture One calls "Custom Styles") if you've created any, and 3) all of the Embedded versions of that individual image. You can quickly and easily switch between the various setting options and image versions by just selecting one of them in the Adjustments Toolbar. Once selected, you can immediately begin making further image adjustments.
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much clearer. Didn't know Sweden was that different from Denmark.
Ha! ;)

Actually, I'm reasonably confident that all of the Hasselblad software engineers for Phocus and their mobile apps are still located in Copenhagen like the Capture One group. Who knows, maybe they get together for a beer after work once in awhile. The engineers I've known are a pretty friendly congenial bunch most of the time.


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Must be on different sides of the street then. Like the idea of congenial beers.

Thanks for the convenience tips! Always helpful.