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Igor's Camera Exchange- good or bad experience?


New member
Hi all,
I was curious about your experience with Igor's Camera Exchange: Igor's Camera Exchange: Film Cameras, used photographic equipment, Large Format, Leica, Nikon, Canon, Hasselblad, Binoculars, Linhof, Medium Format, Motion Picture Equipment, Hasselblad Lenses and Accessories, Minox, Alpa, Rolleiflex, 3D cameras

I recently have tried to call Igor 3 times over 2 weeks to inquire about a lens listed as in-stock. He never returned my calls or my email. Then I just saw that the lens had gone unlisted (either sold or taken off the list). About a year back, I had a much more positive interaction, reaching Igor after 2 phone calls.

The site lists a lot of interesting gear, particularly Leica and other RF lenses, at reasonable prices (for the most part). My google search has revealed that some people feel that he is overly optimistic about the condition of his gear, and others seem to be quite satisfied.

This recent experience has lead me to feel a bit slighted and miffed, but I don't want to overly judge the guy if he's got other stuff to deal with than a persistent inquiry into a lens (though, gosh, it is his business, right)


Although I haven't used Igor recently, I have made numerous purchases for him over the past 10 years or so. At the time he had lots of Pentax medium format lenses as well large format stuff. He was on the road a lot so he didn't always answer E-mails quickly. I generally used the telephone to contact him. I have had very good buying experiences with him.


New member
No real problems. He is a bit slow to respond at times though. I bought a few things and the condition ratings were honest.


Well-known member
I bought a hard-to-find Hasselblad item from Igor about a year ago and it was in the condition he described (LN). As DDudenbostel posted above, I needed to have a little bit of patience as Igor was in the process of moving at the time, but within 3-4 days he called me back and the purchase went smoothly from there. I would purchase again from him.


New member
I purchased a lens from Igor a couple of years ago. It had an issue, which I communicated to Igor, and he took the lens back without any hesitation. I'd deal with him again, sure.


New member
Year ago or so I made an inquiry to Igor and it took about a week for a response. The item I inquired about was sold during the time of my inquiry. He does usually have a robust selection of used camera equipment.

I would not hesitate to buy from him since he appears to a well established site that has been in business for a long time.



Active member
I bought a "mint-" lens that arrived having 3 scratches on the rear element.
I wouldn't buy from Igor again unless I could inspect the gear.


New member
I bought a Noblex 150 UX from Igor, said it was CLA. Well it has a light leak. He had me send it to his tech (Kyong W. Kim) and said it was between me and the tech to work things out!?!?!? Tech told me I didn't know how to load film, so I sent him some negs showing the leak. Then the tech sent me back the camera saying the leaks had been fixed, they were not. Now no reply from the tech or Igor. Will not do business again.


Igor had a rep for better quality used, and charged a bit more. I've gotten some good, clean lenses from him and a few odd products, like older Leica lens focus sections etc.
On the experience with a lens not as advertised, the best is to ask him to take it back. It is difficult to inspect every item closely when you are in the business.
I would deal with him again.



New member
I've bought a few things from Igor. Always as described and never a problem.

I would expect him to accept a return if there was a problem, but that's never happened to me.

He's a typical Russian. No Mr. Congeniality award. But I'm after a lens, not a friend.

I would deal with him again.

- Leigh


I've bought two lenses from him, one for a Rollei and another well priced large format lens. Both were without problem. As above, not the warmest fellow, and doesn't do well with email, but he responds just fine on the phone. I would gladly deal with him again.


New member
I just bought a rare focorapid for visoflex system. He answered all my questions and the condition and function is excellent. His prices are very competitive.
He takes longer than most folks to get around to shipping things, but they've arrived as described.

I bought a LNIB S3 2000 from him and have had some trouble with it – but through no fault of his.