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Image Stacking for Macro


Very interestingly, when I look at the picture I did post here, I don't see any reason in it to focus stack. No reason at all to take so unsharp photo of so solid object.
But:unsure: It was not unsharp on my computer. But I had to downresize it before posting (due to the forum software). I downresized it to 1200px for long size. When looking it in web browser I see it bigger and softer as it should to be.
Why did I the stacking in shooting and then in post prosessing all the work to learn how to use Enfuse to combine those shots . There is a reason not visible in the picture I posted.
I think the details I'm looking for are too small to be visible in 1200px previews.
So now, I'll try posting 100% crops from the original picture. (Still I'm afraid the browsers will spoil them all)
First one is a single shot, one of those 8. The second is 8 shots fused.crop_single1.jpgcrop2.jpg
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