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Imageprint help.

I have been using Imageprint 9 for several years, but now my print server computer seems to have given up and I need to get a new one.
Unfortunately, I can't find the installation CD or any installation files. I have been in contact with Colorbyte but unfortunately they cannot help me.
Since the license is in the dongle, it is no problem to distribute the software, it works in demo mode without a dongle.
Does anyone possibly have installation files for Imageprint version 9 or know where I can find them.

The people at Colorbyte are generally always helpful when I have needed them to solve a glitch.
There are a few sub-menus that have to be looked at when loading the file, and they have always helped me through it step by step.
They have been able to provide detailed instructions when I have encountered a software bug, or needed an update. It works best to talk to their customer service via e-mail.


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Amazed no one has a copy of this languishing on their hard drive - it is a demo version that's being asked for after all, so there's no problem distributing it.

I stopped using it at v6 - a great product, but if you didn't have a maintenance plan, getting help out of Colorbyte was next to impossible.

Doesn't sound like things have changed any, so in this case it's not a question that Colorbyte can't help, it's that they won't help. I mean, does anyone seriously think that Colorbyte couldn't find a copy of v9 on their network drive in less than 30 seconds if they really wanted to :unsure:.

@OP - try posting on PhotoPXL or LuLa - there seem to be lots of IP users over there.

Finally, if anyone from Colorbyte is reading this, why not just provide an online archive of all previous versions?