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Insurance for medium format?


New member
I have recently purchased my first medium format digital back and I am looking for insurance.

Any recommendations for an insurance company?

Particularly looking for recommendations from those who have filed claims with their insurance company.

Bill Caulfeild-Browne

Well-known member
This won't help you much a I'm in Canada and insure with Aviva. I have their deluxe Homeowners Policy that covers just about everything. When the IQ180 fell off my DF into a river it cost $5000 to repair - in fact it was remanufactured. My insurer covered the accident except for my $1,000 deductible.

They required a full explanation of how, when and where and the invoice from Phase One - but they paid very promptly with no hassle.

As an aside, Phase returned the back with a much stiffer latch mechanism so while it's harder to remove, I don't think it will ever fall off again!


New member
We are in the US and are not looking for a rider on our homeowner's policy as we have already maxed out our rider.

We are looking for a company that insures camera equipment.

Charles Wood

New member
Try this company, they specialize in insuring still and video gear against theft, loss, etc., for location and travel shoots:

Tom C. Pickard & Co., Inc.
820 Pacific Coast Highway
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Phone: (800) 726-3701
Fax: (310) 318-9840


Well-known member
My business policy is with Inland Marine with Fireman's Fund Insurance underwriters.

It is called "Studio Pac".

It may not be appropriate to you unless you do photographic work for pay.

It covers Liability issues incurred in the course of business, covers all my gear with two divisions of assigned value. Anything over $6,000 is scheduled and is covered for declared value without any deductible . The unscheduled portion is a gross number you declare and covers anything under $6,000 for its' replacement, but is subject to a deductable that you choose.

Fortunately, I have not had to test their claim response. I do know they have a good reputation based on input from others.

Important note:

If you have a homeowners rider for your gear, and damage happens to the gear while doing work for pay, many if not most homeowner's policies will NOT cover it. Even so called "All Inclusive" policies. So if you are counting on that, be sure to clarify with the insurance company (not an agent), that a business circumstance is also covered.

Insurance Companies usually have a clear distinction between casual enthusiast's use and professional use because the risk assessment is different.

- Marc

Charles Wood

New member
Thanks, Charles.

Any experience with loss claims with this company?
Fortunately, no, but they seem to have a good reputation. They advertise on the Nature Photographers website and photographic (still and video) equipment and peripheral gear insurance, seems to be their main business.

Bill Caulfeild-Browne

Well-known member
Marc's caveat is quite correct (my career was in the international reinsurance business) so if you're doing paid work, do enquire!

In my case I take pictures and sell them - maybe a hundred a year - but I take them for my own pleasure and do not make my living from photography. When I was accepting commercial assignments I did buy camera insurance specifically - but that a good few years ago!


New member
I went thru this search earlier this year and posted same question a few months back.
I ended up double insuring my gear including my medium format stuff.
1st policy for $15k thru PPA
2nd policy for $250k thru Hill&Usher (aka: Package Choice)

Both policies cover everything including breakage on the job, but neither cover warranty work. So for that I inquired with dealer and the price was so high for extended warranty on my PhaseOne and Credo stuff ($3k for addl 1-2 year) that I decided it was better to self-insure for that by setting aside $5k in a stock fund and cross fingers :)

I have not had to make any claims on the mfd stuff yet, fortunately, but have researched the heck out of the subject and feel relatively confident that I am covered well.