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New member
Hi everyone,

and thanks to Jack Flesher for inviting me here. I've seen a few familiar names so far, including Jim (Collum).

I met Jack when I was working for Light Crafts two years ago. Mostly shooting 8x10 trannies these days, plus a buch of other formats including a Nikon D2x.

Calling Stockholm home, I'm currently on Malta (middle of the Mediterranean for anyone geographically challenged), planning to spend the winter here shooting for a possible book and working on a software project.

Best wishes,

Lars Vinberg


Welcome Lars!

Good to see you here online (and i like the boat image!)

Looking forward to you sharing your experience here



Sr. Administrator
Staff member
Hi Lars!

Great to have you here, and really look forward to seeing more of your images!

Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
Hi Lars welcome here. Malta , hey you need me to come over there and work the dark slide for you.


New member

I was hoping you'd volunteer to help carry my backpack with the 8x10 Toyo monorail - it weighs in at about 67 lbs :D

Seriously, Malta has some interesting photo opportunities, especially this time of the year when the sun is low and the air is hazy. Not much untouched nature of course, this country is slightly larger than Central Park, but there sure is some interesting stone architecture here, ranging from new to old to oldest (5000 BC). Like with all photo destinations, you need time to understand the subject, the light. I just started exploring.


Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
67lbs not sure about that anymore Lars. LOL Those days have passed somewhat

We would all love to see some images when your done, post anywhere you want here


New member

Let me add my welcome as well (although I am not volunteering to carry your 8x10 gear at my age of 70!)

I am a lightzone user and appreciate the work you guys did on that product. It keeps getting better with each iteration although becoming a bit more complicated.

Anyway, welcome

Woody Spedden