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IPad snaps.


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Out in the boondocks, 2 miles past the back of beyond, in a top secret location, I chanced upon this hush-hush surveillance drone. D'you think Edward Snowden would be interested?


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From Hong Kong, a few days ago...

Time to move on to Vietnam.

p.s. Oops..posted wrong image and now deleted.
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what kind of paintery effect did u apply to that image gandolfi?
It's an App called Waterlogue. Free or v cheap I can't remember.
The best thing is watching it do its thing. It spends a few seconds making like a pencil outline drawing then does the colouring. It's like a ten second time lapse movie of a watercolour being created.
Amazingly wishy washy watercolour like in places and fun!
Here is some smoked garlic from Spain.