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IPhone Photos


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Couple of snaps with the iPhone 11 Pro at the mouth of Salmon Creek on the east shore of Cayuga Lake. The gulls took shelter from the cold NW wind but not the thrill seeking wind surfers out on the lake.



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I took Fulvia to the grocery store on Sunday and had a laugh when I realized just how tiny it is compared to a modern "Compact Car" parking space... Then, on the way to the shop the other day for some work on the brakes, my partner (unbeknownst to me) was driving alongside and behind me, videoing it.

I had to make a photo of the car at the grocery store because it looked so tiny. And, well, I had these videos of me driving it. Here they are ... click on the photo to see the video. :)

A Small Car
iPhone 11
Video assembled with Reel Director II

Enjoy! G


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It was supposed to be a spectacular sunrise today. And it was somewhere I am sure. Still, I had all of Marshall’s Beach entirely to myself and 300 of my best pelican friends.


Back after a few years, and a recent trip to France meant only carry-on. So, no Contx-645/Zeiss/Phase-one or even an M9 and afew lenses, just the iPhone pro max XI.
We took a detour to drive over (and under; it is 1000' feet high!) the Viaduc de Millau.
This made a decent 24x36 on my E 7900. (here only 6x8) BTW how to do attachments, as some have (here it's shrunken by PS)


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how do you do time exposure on iPhone? (new to that as a camera! LOL)
Hey. I believe I shot this one with Even Longer. I also use Reeflex. These are essentially a form of automatic frame averaging. And in a pinch, there is always the Long Exposure effect available with Apple’s Live images.