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IQ3-80 fw Update


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Hi everyone,
I wonder how to update to this ver 4.02.7 -- my db is still running 1.04.1
Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 19.44.07.png
I downloaded this one, put it in my CF card, and the back said cannot find any valid fw on card?
Does anyone have the same issue?

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For your IQ380, go here and grab the legacy version just for the IQ380 - you're probably too far back for it to perform a current full camera system update. And if you also wish to update your XF, you can do that separately (firmware for XF also listed on this page).

Steve Hendrix/CI
You made my day! I can only update the back to 3.06.1 (Feb 6 2019).
The 4.02.7 won't work with the IQ380? Somehow my XF was at 5.00.5 and is now back to 4.02.7