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IQ4 150. XF. Lenses. In Europe.


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I´m backing from my planned IQ4 150, together with technical camera upgrade. (I went Schneider 35BR, together with existing gear instead). I´m also selling the backup XF camera and some optics so the potential IQ4 buyer can get a complete kit if desired. I´m the first owner of all equipment mentioned here.

Phase One IQ4 150, complete with accessories. Not used in any way. Only taken out of it´s package once to document the back, together with its accessories. Battery or memory-card is in other words never put in the back. Lid to the sensor is never removed. This back has the extended 5 year warranty until 2024. (The back has been waiting for a technical camera that never happened. As mentioned, I´m now happy enough with the result of the 35BR together with generation 3 IQ-gear.)

Extra equipment that I bundle with the back: 12-pin IQ4-generation “wake up” cable kit, in two parts. These cables makes it possible to connect the back to Copal shutters. These cables doesn´t normally come with the IQ4 150. They are extras. Article nr of cables is shown in images. Cables are unused. Actually not even taken out of their plastic.
Price for the back with accessories: 30 000 Euro.

Schneider Kreuznach 110/2,8 LS Blue Ring. Unopened box. Even the transparent foil is unbroken. See images. I have in other words never “seen” this lens. This is by far the lightest LS BR 2.8 tele-optics for the XF. (I´m selling it since weight savings never turned out to be a decisive factor for me personally, and I opted for a tad more reach. I have access to several BR tele-optics, so it turned out I don´t need this one as well.)
Price: 3 100 Euro.

Phase One XF, with HAP-2 AF module, and Prism Viewfinder. Very good condition. Shutter count: 7976. Mirror slap count: 7174. See image of the screen that shows count, and at the same time shows that the original protection-foil is still on the XF screen! (100MP back, shown in some camera images, is not included in the sale.)

XF was taken pictures of, shown here. Then it was sent to Phase, Kbh, Denmark, to be refurbished. That means check, service, update, calibration and clean. Camera, with viewfinder mounted, is still laying in its clear plastic, in the pelistyle Phase One case. I have not used the gear in any way since it came from Phase. = What Phase delivered to me is what the new owner takes over. Two separate reports from Phase One shows what have been done to the camera and prism. Sold with case and accessories.
Price: 3 400 Euro, for the XF, case, and accessories, as shown in the images. This price includes a by me used original charger as seen in the image (80mm lens is not included in this price). For 3 450 Euro it can be delivered with a brand new charger, in it´s unopened package, instead of the used charger.

Camera is not sold separately until the IQ4 back is sold. Reason is that I want to offer a complete camera solution to potential IQ4 buyers first.

Schneider Kreuznach 80/2,8 LS in very good shape. When I compared it to my BR-copy (on a 100MP back) this non BR-copy was a tad unsharper in its weakest’s points. It was the same as the BR in most points. (In very few points it was the same / or possibly an ever so little tad sharper than the BR.) Only visible to me in a brick wall test, this non BR lens lags a tad behind my BR-copy "in average".
Price: 500 Euro.

Phase One DF camera in ok condition. Moderately used. It´s showing cosmetically though that an L-bracket has been mounted. I made a plastic piece to fill out the gap between the Phase original L-bracket and the DF-body. That’s the wear showing on the DF body. Not used in several years, but it was sent to Phase back in its days.
Price: 400 Euro.

Private sale. Shipping costs not included. Local pickup in Norway (outside EU) or possible in Sweden (within EU) is very welcome 😊

Possible taxes upon arrival when sending items to buyers home country is buyer´s responsibility.

Side notes:
Two totally unused Mamiya Remote Control Set RS 402. Would prefer local Norwegian/Swedish buyer here, due to the rather low value of these items.

Fantastic PhaseOne Digital AF 150mm f2.8 IF.

Never used, new, Mamiya 300mm f/4.5 APO.

I mention these two optics here since they might be of interest for a IQ4 buyer to get a fantastic tele lens kit, together with the improved ES in the IQ4 150. The Phase 150mm f2.8 IF is very good and I planned to use it with the IQ4 myself. One or both of these lenses can be sold in a IQ4 150-kit if there is interest for that.

More images of the XF and accessories will be added later :)

Best regards Ulf


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Hi Ulf,

I'm currently upgrading/switching from IQ160 (v Mount) to a XF with the IQ4 and a 120mm lens (which I will work on 90% of the time). Camera and back should arrive this month, hopefully before a future lockdown.
So, i'm in the market for a 80mm LS.
I'm located in Luxembourg, if I got it right, you may also be able to send from Sweden (inside EU) to avoid additional taxes?
If no one is jumping on your 80LS right away, could we discuss this for a deal next week?
Contact me [email protected] if you want



New member
Hi Tom (and others)

Agreed. The 120 BR is probably the most allround XF-lens in my eyes to. And it´s good. Though I often opt for the 150 2.8 BR/Phase 2.8 IF when there is space for it. But that´s just me 😊

I have a place in Sweden so your thought is ok. Goes for others to that want me to send other items in a similar way. But right now there is a bit of a travel restriction situation, so that have to wait a bit. I need to go to Sweden anyway, but prefer to do it when Covid travel regulations makes my return easy. Those regulations change constantly up here, so it will work with some patience.

Regards Ulf


Thanks Ulf,
yes, same here...
i should pickup my IQ4 in Germany, now it will get shipped!:-o

we'll stay in contact.

take care



Hi Ulf, I don't see that lens here, but does your 150mm LS is for sell ? is it BR ring or silver ring ?



New member
No Paul, sorry. I only sell items specified in my "ad".
That lens was just a personal reflection in regards to Tom now choosing lenses. Not part of my sale.

Regards Ulf


Hi Ulf, my XF with 120mm arrives probably tomorrow.
Do you see any possibility to sell and ship your 80mm in the next, let's say, 10 days. I got a bigger unplanned shooting on the 10.11.
Contact me on [email protected] if you want

best regards