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IQ4 Remote App


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This would be a gigantic slap in the face to all IQ4 owners, ESPECIALLY considering how much they sold the IQ4 platform as being “built for the future”, and having C1 inside, etc.
Yeah to me P1's marketing gets a little carried away. Even today when you go to the IQ4 product page they've got stuff up there like "infinite", "infinity", "future-proof", etc.

Steve Hendrix

Active member
Hello Steve, what about the remote app? 1 week or 1 month?
Ya know, after waiting for 2 years with at least several false starts, it is probably best for me not to hazard a guess.

However, I've occasionally been someone who ignores the wise voice in my head ...

I cannot say exactly when, but I do believe it will be soon. I don't know about weeks. Maybe. A month, 2 months? Possibly. I can't say for sure. But what is different now is that there is a product and we have seen it. That's about all I can say for now.

Steve Hendrix/CI


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That would be good news, Steve. Better late than never! The IQ4 is literally the only camera I use out of 8 (not counting instant cameras :)) from five manufacturers that has no phone connectivity.

Ray Harrison

Active member
I'm interested to kick the tires on it later today. I like that Phase users get "Pro" features at no cost for the app, though I'm not entirely clear what those might be just yet. I went ahead and paid for it anyway for use with other cameras. An interesting business decisions to "outsource" the development. I would have assumed it would have been done in-house or across the hall at Capture One. But that said, Cascable can potentially devote more attention to it and be more responsive to bugs and requests. Looking forward to working with it.


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I tested on my older iPhone the other day and had some issues with preview quality, I asked Cascable about this and got the following which may be useful information to some:

"it sounds like you have an older iOS device with not much RAM. Working with the enormous IIQ files on devices with a small amount of RAM is a challenge, and Cascable scales back accordingly — and on some older/lower-end models, there's no enough RAM to make a decent preview at all.

Our own documentation on this will go live tomorrow, but I'll paste in what we wrote about it here:

> At present, whenever you display an IIQ RAW image in Cascable, you’re seeing a JPEG preview at a lower resolution than the full 150MP that the IQ4 can provide. The more RAM your iOS device has, the higher resolution this preview will be. For the very best results, a 2021 iPad Pro with the Apple M1 chip is recommended.

> If your iOS device doesn’t have enough available RAM to render IIQ previews at all, you may see a “no entry” symbol instead. Don’t worry! While you won’t be able to preview these images, you’ll still be able to manage them as described below. For reliable IIQ preview rendering on iPhone, an iPhone XS or newer is recommended. On iPad, a 4th Generation iPad Air (introduced in late 2020) or 2nd Generation iPad Pro (introduced in mid 2017) is recommended.

> When managing your IIQ RAW images (i.e., copying them to external storage, copying them to other locations on your iOS device, accessing them via the Files app, sharing them to other devices via AirDrop, and so on), Cascable always works with the original image file without modification or quality loss."


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Hello Vieri,

Please note that posting links to dealers' websites, other than Capture Integration - our sponsor, is not permitted.

Warm Regards,

Hello Olaf,

Are you sure this is addressed to me? I don't think I ever posted any link to any dealer's website. Best regards,



Staff member
Hello Olaf,

Are you sure this is addressed to me? I don't think I ever posted any link to any dealer's website. Best regards,

Hello Vieri, you are right. I was referring to your request to post a link to the dealer's website. I just wanted to clarify :)