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Issue with viewing certain Raw files

I have a bit of an issue viewing certain Raw files with my current pc. I can see thumbnail images generated by my Panasonic G6 Raw images in File Explorer. Though there are no thumbnail images for Raw photo files that were shot with the Panasonic G7. And that makes the sorting and organising of files much harder. Would anyone know of anything I could install on my computer that would allow me to see thumbnail images for the G7 Raw files in File Explorer?
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Using macOS Finder: I can see the thumbnails for my Panasonic G9 (RW2) and Sony A7R5 (ARW) images, but not for my Fuji 100s (RAF) and XT5 (RAF) images.
It's kind of weird, but I guess there's a 'logical' explanation for it ...


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Ah macOS Finder. Is that software for macs or can a windows pc use it too?
Mac only :/

Both MacOS and Windows come with pre-installed support for certain kinds of raw files, MacOS calls this rawkit, and Windows IDK.

Microsoft used to offer something called the camera codec pack, but they don’t any longer, because reasons…