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Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction photos


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The conjunction of planets Jupiter and Saturn was clearly visible in the sky at 6:51pm when I got up to the roof of my building. I made this first photo at 6:55 ... and just after I did so, the air filled with mist and cloud and the view was lost.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

As I looked at the photo on my computer display, I realized there was more in it than just the two planets. I cropped away about 90% of the frame and now I could clearly see three of the Galilean Satellites of Jupiter.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction (cropped)

Seen from Santa Clara on Dec 21, 2020.

tech info:
Panasonic GX9 + Sigma 600mm Mirror Telephoto
ISO 25,800 @ f/8 @ 1/8 sec

Enjoy! G


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Alas, it was overcast here - couldn't see a thing. But the relative brightness of planets (they're in direct sunlight, even if it's far away) brings to mind an evening spent with the UC Boulder 24" telescope. All telescopes have Sun filters. Most have Moon filters. This scope had a Jupiter filter - it was too bright to look at directly!


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I like the gritty look on the photos - but I will admit I would have also loved a version where you under exposed so that you could see Saturn with its rings and Jupiter hint at its cloudy typical bands. But I still s*ck because I didn't bother getting out to get the shot so... :)

Thanks for sharing it.