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Large format 4x6 and larger digital back?

P. Chong

Hi all, I wonder if you have come across this? A member at the GFX680 FB site posted this link. And it looks quite interesting, if they are able to pull it off. 4x5 sensor with more than 500MB for about $100k is super expensive, to be sure, but not totally out of line with the prices of say the IQ4 150's nearly 645 sensor with 150Mpix. I registered my interest, anyway, not that I am in the market for a $100k back, but very curious.

4x5 500 Mega Pixel Large format digital back model Monster LSX44


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Looks like scam to me:)

Edit: and if it's not scam, I would be interested in a 6x6cm version.
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P. Chong

Looks like it’s going to be Sony BSI sensors. I am not an expert in the water fab, but I am thinking the sensors are made in large waters and cut to size. So am uncut sheet could be large enough.

The question is, who will actually get 4x5 or 6x7 sensors into production for customers ?


12-megapixel 9×11 inch monochrome CMOS censor
Some steps still to Gigapixel.

I prefer my Phase One P20 16 Megapixel, to carry. However, would there be a modest priced 4x5 or 6x8cm scanning back, that would interest me. I don't need instant CMOS.


Price aside, they look completely impractical for field use... Tech cameras and "normal" digital backs are enough to satisfy my movement needs for the most part, even at my current "tiny" 33x44mm sensor size.

When I want a bigger "sensor" and or extreme movements, I am happy to shoot some 4x5 film.