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Leica and Mamiya Rangefinder Collection (M2, M7, MP, 50mm, 28mm, M7ii with 43mm)


Hello All,

Looking to part with the majority of my rangefinder equipment at this time. Serious offers on certain items may be considered. Discount available for multiple items (Body and Lens combos, multiple lenses, etc)

Due to the number of items listed please refrain from posting questions below. Please message me directly.

Multiple photos of all items available, please private message me with your e-mail address and I will respond with photos.

1) Leica M2 with 6 framelines- Lever Rewind, Self-Timer, and Preview Lever. Later (over #1 million serial number) Some cosmetic scuffs and marks, but working great. Just serviced by Sherry Krauter who adjusted Rangefinder and all Shutter Speeds. A true shooters camera and ready to go. Modified viewfinder with 28, 35, 50, 75, 90, and 135mm framelines. 28/90, 35/135, and 50/75 pairings. What is great is the 135 and 75 are only the corners and not distracting when shooting 35 or 50mm. Brand new course seal grain covering from Cameraleather. Includes body cap as well. Price: $925.00

Due to the rest of the items being previously listed, I will just list the item and price. Full descriptions and photos will be happily sent upon request.

2) Leica MP- Black Paint, .72VF- $3000.00
3) Leica M7- Black Chrome, .72VF- $1675.00
4) Mamiya 7ii with 43mm Lens and VF- $2200.00
5) Leica 50mm Summicron, Like-New-In-Box, 6-bit- $1825.00
6) Leica 50mm Elmar-M, Chrome- $1150.00
7) Leica 28mm Elmarit V1, 9-Elmarit, Black Paint, RARE- $2825.00
8) Leica 90mm F/2.8 Elmarit, M-mount, Chrome- $350.00
9) Leica 135mm F/4 Elmar, M-Mount, Chrome- 250.00
10) Nikon F2 Body- $215.00
11) Nikkor 180mm F/2.8 AI- $325.00
12) Camera Lot: Nikon EM with 50mm F/1.8 Series E, Pentax Spotmatic with 55mm F/1.8 Super-Takumar, Zorki Rangefinder with 50mm F/3.5- All three cameras for $100.00

Also have the following items:

Leica #12575 Hoods, LM-Grip for Leica M, Zhou Case for Leica M with Leicavit, "Thumbs Up" Copy in Chrome, Leica E55 Front Cap.

I am located in the NYC area and can meet in person.

Please private message with any questions.

Thank you-
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Leica MP, M7, M2, 135mm Elmar, Zhou Case all Sold.

Everything else available including the 50mm's, 28mm, 90mm, etc.