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Leica M-A tripod plate

I'm the happy new owner of a lovely black M-A and 35mm Summicron. Even though this camera feels so good in the hand, I like having the option to use a tripod when I'm shooting.

Really Right Stuff was my first go-to for a plate but it looks like their custom option for this body (B30) was discontinued in 2017. I would like to find something similar that goes along most of the bottom; not just the corner like the genuine Arca-Swiss one. Can anybody recommend another plate out there beside a generic/universal ones?

Not only is this Leica new to me, but also I'm new to Leica, so any 'insider information' would be appreciated. ;)

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For anyone interested...

Locating a RRS B30 plate has proven difficult. I guess anyone whose got one is hanging on to it. So, I bought the Arca-Swiss (802262) plate and as I expected, its off-center orientation made my tripod much too unstable for my liking. When fully opened up, the tripod seemed reasonably secure but when collapsed for table-top work it was quite tippy! Back to square one...

I returned the Arca-Swiss and got the Novoflex QPL-SLIM-VERRT universal L-bracket. Sure, I'm sacrificing the custom fit of the RRS, and the small form factor of the Arca-Swiss, but the Novoflex is excellent in it's own way. The L-bracket makes 90 degree rotation possible which is nice because my geared head does not allow for that on it's own. Be aware though the Novoflex websites (both the German and USA versions) have incorrect dimensions. For what it's worth, the one I received is 4.74"x4"x1.5"

I'm pretty sure I could use the Novoflex just by itself, but just to be safe, I've paired it with a discontinued Leica handgrip (part 14405). This adds some added ergonomics to the camera (of course) but also moved the receiving threads for a camera plate to the CENTER where they belong.

This is basically my small set-up for hiking and landscapes now. I think the bracket and grip offer a good deal of functionality and protection for the camera body. If the bracket is installed snug to the vertical side of the camera, it doesn't seem to interfere with the focus ring of the 35mm Summicron. Using the view-finder seems fine too. I need to install the eyecup accessory still to find out if that will work out ok.

Everything will be put through its paces later this month when I head to Utah for some time in the parks.



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