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Leica M film lenses


Well-known member
I've decided to sell my Leica M 50mm 1.4 Summilux Pre ASPH to fund another lens I need more for work. However, I've been thinking about two other FL's in the M mount. The 90mm Summicron or the Elmarit 90mm and the 35mm Summicron. Does anyone have a preference for the best formulas and production dates? I would use these on my M2-R. Thanks.


Active member
For 90mm, I have been using a 1964 Tele Elmarit (fat) for over 20 years now. It's a coated lens and gives great sharpness, even on digital, and color across the frame. As for a 35mm lens, I stupidly sold my tiny Summilux v2 or v3, and am now using a Zeiss Biogon. I use silver lenses on my silver M4-P (except the 135 Tele)