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Leica M8, M5, Kameraleder Case, IXMOO, Combi Bag, MR-4 Meters!


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I just committed to buying an M9, so a few things need to go…
Please check this Flickr stream for full-sized pictures...[email protected]/sets/72157627226692209/

I only have a couple of transactions on this forum, but I have plenty of references if you need them and my feedback can be found on ebay under 'misterbob' or on RFF under 'bob338'

I am open to shipping to other countries if you are willing to pay for Express shipping with insurance.

Leica M8
$2200 shipped and paypaled in the US.
Serial number 3332625—end of the run!
I’ve had this camera for about a year and a half. I got it from the original owner who just didn’t like it. The camera has about 18k clicks on it. I sent it to Leica NJ when I got it to have it checked out while still under warranty and they sent it back with a clean bill of health.
There are plenty of minor marks on the body but nothing major. I think everything shows up in the pictures. There is a small 3mm scratch on the preview screen. I took the product sticker off the bottom plate.
I have the camera, strap, charger, battery, body cap, all boxes, manuals and discs that came with it. I will also include the original receipt from Adorama from May of 2009. I do not have that stupid orange sticker everyone seems to have saved from the body cap.
Please consider this as a used camera, it is not a shelf queen.
These seem to be going for $2200-2700 on the auction site, so let’s call this one $2200 paypaled and shipped anywhere in the US.

all of the pictures in this stream were taken with this M8 and a 50 Pre-ASPH Lux.[email protected]/sets/72157626650634680/

Kameraleder M3-M7 Full Case with Strap
This is perhaps the nicest Leica case I’ve ever seen. MUCH nicer than any of the dozen Luigi cases I’ve owned.
This case fits any M body up to the recent MP/M7 models. It has the medium snout that will accommodate a 35mm Summicron easily.
I am very hesitantly selling this case, only because I rarely use it.
They are $374 new with the strap.
$325 shipped and paypaled in the US.

Leica MR-4 meters
I have 2 of these, one black and one chrome. The chrome one *seems* to respond to light but I haven’t tested it. $50
The black one looks excellent and also appears to work. It comes with the box and I would rate it excellent. $150

5 IXMOO cassettes
I have had these for a while and haven’t used them in ages. There are 5 cassettes in this lot and one extra body shell that is missing the spindle, consider it a freebie.
$150 shipped and paypaled in the US.

Leica M5 Chrome 2 Lug
The preview lever on this body is loose. It still works, but the framelines hang up and the lever has about 1/4" of play in it.
This is a nice, early 2 lug M5 in chrome. The serial is 129290.
The camera has been in use recently and my client is the original owner.
The meter works fine and it has a recent Varta V625U cell in it that says Made in Germany on it.
I have the camera and the strap in the pictures. The body cap does not come with it, it’s mine and I only had it on the body to bring it to work.
Please check the pictures to see the condition of the camera. There is a small piece of vulcanite missing and several small dings on the top plate.
$700 AS-IS shipped and paypaled in the US.
M5 pictures here...[email protected]/sets/72157626884932935/

Leica 14845 Leather Combi Bag
This is a perfect bag for one body with a lens attached and one extra lens. The pocket on the front holds film or cards.
When I got this thing I swore it was the perfect bag but now that I have to carry stuff for my kids around(sandwiches, snacks, etc.) I prefer the Billingham L2.
This bag has been used by me for about a year but it looks very nice. I would rate it good-excellent.
$115 shipped and paypaled in the US, or trade for another Billingham or Fogg bag.
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