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Leica M9 vs. Medium Format - surprising results!


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LOL, that is true. being a travel-oriented documentary fotog though, i'd love a lighter kit to carry than my sony a900, grip and zeiss lenses, it all weighs a ton. i just can't seem to get the hang of focusing a RF, especially on the go.
if only the M9 had AF i'd lust after this......
You don't need autofocus to shoot pix of brick walls.
Not really for action shots either. These two Irish beauties were going at full steam, with unpredictable turns... I shoot a lot of dogs :)rolleyes:), and I miss lots of shots, but I miss fewer with the M9 than I did with any AF camera I´ve used.

M9, 75 mm Apo Summicron Asph, 1/500 s:

And these were going fast, too. M9, Tele-Elmarit 90, 1/125 s. Focus on the eyes of my cocker Fredde (where else?)

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well, I'm with Per and Doug with respect to focusing on an M9

Manual focusing with action takes practice - but it's often more reliable than AF.

Certainly for travel shots it's really not an issue.