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Leica R Lenses...


New member
I am selling some fine Leica R Lenses to get back into MF Digital....

Leica DMR + R8 ... Condition 8+ ....$3500
Leica Elmarit R 19 ROM ... Condition 9....$3200
Leica Summicron R 35 ROM ... Condition 9+... $1400
Leica Summilux R 50 ROM (E60)... Condition 9...$3500
Leica Summilux R 80 (3-cam) ...Condition 8+ ... $2200
Leica Elmarit Apo R 100 macro...Condition 9 ... $1800
Leica Elmarit Apo R 180 ROM... Condition 9+....$3800
Leica Elmarit R 28 II Version (Nikon Mount) .... Condition 8+....$1400

I'm interested in a trade for Phase One 25+, 45+, or 65+ with Alpa System.

As usual, I can only accept USPS Money orders.
I've sold few items here and more on FM Forum ...

Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
Which 180 here there are three I believe a f2 cron, a 2.8 elmarit and a 3.4 telyt I believe its called

Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
Second question sorry but the 28 was that a rom version and do you have a Leitax Nikon mount on it.
Also forgive me but I forgot a lot about the R system so trying to refresh my memory.


New member
180 is Apo Elmarit R 180/2.8 Rom....

Elamrit R 28/2.8 is the second version with built-in sliding rectanglular hood (E55)....


New member
Apo 180 is SOLD
Elmarit 28 is SOLD
Elmarit 19 is SOLD
Summicron 35 is SOLD
SUmmilux 80 is SOLD