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Leica S lenses: S 180


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I'm selling a Leica S45, and S 180.

SOLD Leica S 24mm. SOLD


Leica S 45 2.8

Excellent condition. No cosmetic flaws and no functional issues. AF motor has not been been replaced, but works without issue.

(David Farkas' favorite lens in the S series! Not many of these to be found on the pre-owned market)

$3599. Net to me


Leica S 180

Excellent condition. No cosmetic issues. No functional issues. Lens was sent to Leica this past Spring for prophylactic repair of AF mechanism. I believe Leica gives a 1 year warranty on serviced items. Documentation from Leica will be provided.

$2999. net to me


I'm just a hobbyist and am selling because I use these less frequently than my other S lenses (30-90, 70, 100, 120). I've been on the fence about selling, as I have a fairly complete set of S lenses.

These lenses are also a great complement to the Leica SL lenses as Leica makes a S to L adapter. I use them interchangeably.

The lenses are in 9 to 9+ condition with no issues and no cosmetic flaws. All lenses comes with caps and hoods. I do have a Leica box for the S 180, but it was acquired as a separate stand alone purchase (so the serial no. on the box will not match the lens' serial no).

For a great read on the S lenses and S system: "The Definitive Guide to S Lenses": David Farkas/ Leica Miami)

Please PM me with any questions or requests for additional photos.

Thanks, Rob
2215439.png2216030.jpg2216029.jpg2215814.jpg2215813.jpg2215812.jpg2215440.png2215439.png2216030.jpg2215814.jpg. Thanks, Rob
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