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Lens Correction Slow Down in C1-Pro fix


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I have no idea if this issue has already been discussed here or if this is old news. I did a quick scan of the threads and didn't see anything so thought I'd post in case anyone else ran into the same problem.

I've been experiencing endless spinning beach balls and ultra slow performance in C1-Pro recently and couldn't figure out what the problem was. I'm running the most recent Mac OS on a Mac Pro with 32Gb of RAM. I updated C1 and still couldn't work since it would stall and spin about every 3 minutes. After reading a bunch of googled posts and trying all of the suggestions, I stumbled on a post that included a link to a preset that turns off automatic distortion correction. I installed the preset, restarted, and bingo, problem solved.

The article that tipped me to the fix was from 2013. It may be that C1 has implemented a fix since then and there's now a built-in way to turn off the automatic distortion correction tool. If not, and you're encountering a similar slow down, you might read the following article and download the preset: