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Linhof 3D Micro: Help needed


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I do have an issue with my Linhof 3D Micro. As I wanted to tighten the quick release mechanism to an Arca plate, the knob fell off. Fortunately just the knob, not the camera that should have been fastened with it. Kind of scary experience, given the value you mount on top of the tripod head.

Now the question is: how to re-attach it and make sure it works in a reliable manner? The mechanism looks quite simple, and it seems the key is a counter screw within the knob (at least I guess so based on the flat part at the rear end). But how to open it and reach to that screw?

Thank you!

Edit: The more I think about it, after the initial shock moment, I come to the conclusion that this is unbelievable and unacceptable. I am buying a pro head because I use gear that demands for it and pay a premium price. And then ... the knob falls off and leaves the camera gear completely loose? With any telephoto lens mounted, this would have been a very expensive accident. I will report this to Linhof, and I expect a free repair. Crazy.

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I was in contact with Linhof and get a free replacement screw. However, while this solves my problem, I wonder about what went wrong and whether it's a construction flaw.