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Live Feed setup question, multiple cameras, mixer, wireless


I am looking into building a live feed system. I would like to provide live feed for online events, weddings, workshops.

I would like to have 2-3 cameras to record the event. I am thinking
about attaching a wireless transmitter to the cameras to send the signal
to a live feed video mixer. I would like to switch back and forth
between cameras signal is broadcasted to the online viewers.

How would you do this? What king of DSLR/mirrorless HDMI transmitter you
would use from the camera to the video mixer. What kind of solutions
there are to switch back and forth between cameras? Thanks so much!


Well-known member
If autofocusing ability isn’t a must I’d really look at solutions from Blackmagic with their Pocket Cinema cameras and ATEM line of products. You can also do video switching with some Atomos products as well. I don’t know that you can send video wirelessly to the computer without using something like a Teradek or Hollyland type system but I do know that the ATEM’s would allow you to do switching and get out to the internet relatively seamlessly.

There are a lot of solutions for this and it might be a great question to ask a specialty store that deals in studio type productions or talk to a B&H representative about various setups in greater detail to make the process go smoothly.