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London and Paris shooting locations

I am headed to London and Paris in mid-March and would like some recommendations on places to photograph, best times of day, etc. I plan on doing the traditional iconic locations and would appreciate pointers such as the best point of view, time of day, etc. I would also like recommendations for alternate less traditional places to shoot.

I have been to London a couple times, but on both occasions I didn't have much time for photography or flexibility of picking the best time of day. Unlike my previous trips to London, this trip will be simply for fun and I plan on setting aside time for photography in addition to sightseeing. i have never been to Paris. This trip will consist of 6 days in London and 4 days in Paris.

Thank you in advance for your help.


New member
In London if you need to be indoors the British Museum has great architecture and lots of interesting angles especially cool for B&W shots.

not my photo can get an idea....
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Maggie O

New member
Spend some time in Southwark, especially the area around Borough Market (especially if you're at all a foodie) and Bermondsey Street.

I'll second the British Museum, too.
Thank you for the suggestions Terry and Maggie. I plan on doing the British Museum for sure. I also like the idea of Southwark - I am a foodie.


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Some random comments on Paris:

The best view of the Eiffel Tower is from a hill across the river, at Place du Trocadero (which also has a great fountain if it's going).

The gardens at Versailles (an easy train ride away on the outskirts) are lovely for photography.

Be prepared for low-light photography in the gorgeous churches (Notre Dame & Sainte-Chapelle are both particularly stunning). I don't recall whether tripods are allowed, but, if not, have a plan for using something like high ISO, a mini-pod thing that can be set on a bench or tied to a post, etc.



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As to Paris: There are some fine viewpoints but, with a dramatic sky, this view from Tour Montparnasse was the pièce de résistance:
Lisa - thank you for the tips, they are very helpful
Brian - thank you for the great heads up and links about photography in London
Maggie, Simon, and Hans - awesome shots of the Eiffel Tower, I will definitely try those viewpoints and hope I can do them justice

I am really getting excited about this trip. This will be a pure pleasure trip and y'all are helping to make it even better.