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Looking for a reliable retailer


Well-known member
Can anyone suggest a camera retailer other than B&H that you have found reliable? I just ordered a couple of new filters from B&H and one of them was clearly used. This is not the first time B&H sent me a new product that was used. I use Amazon as a last resort.

Darin Marcus

Well-known member
Since you are now in DC, there are 2 B&M camera stores I can recommend:

District Camera (formerly Photo Craft) -
This is my first choice when buying new photographic equipment. They moved to a new web platform not too long ago, so not all they sell shows up when browsing, but it should show up when you search for an item they sell. They do not have as broad a selection as the big stores, but are willing to try to order things if you ask. I don't think I ever bought filters from them, but I have bought quite a lot of new stuff from them over the last 10 years, including all my Z cameras and lenses. They have a store in DC. I am only familiar with their Burke store, where I go to buy stuff (in person, never online).

Ace Photo -
This is my second choice for buying new photographic equipment, when I cannot find it at District Camera. I am familiar with their Ashburn store (not far from the Dulles airport). This is where I bought my Df (when even the Nikon warehouse was out, they had a couple in stock), and my CFExpress card/reader (they got their first shipment much faster than District Camera), among other things - again in person, not over the internet. Their Ashburn store is large enough that you can wander around looking at stuff, which is why I prefer to go in person. I bought a few Nikon CP filters from this store - the price was higher than from B&H - but I got to check them before buying, and they were new.

B&H would only be my third option, for stuff that I cannot find at these 2 stores.

I can't say anything about buying/selling used equipemnt at these stores.

Jorgen Udvang

Subscriber Member
For filters, adpaters etc, I have mostly given up on local dealers, and I say that as someone who mostly buy my photo gear at local shops, over the counter. I'm going to order some variable ND filters from K&F in China this week, since they seem to have a good reputation for quality as well as fast delivery.

I buy direct from Breakthrough or Hoya online. Several other manufacturers also have online direct sales. So many counterfeit/returned items out there. Same for SD cards, etc. Amazon would be a last option but only if they are the seller (and even then not sure it won't be a returned/used item).


Well-known member
I bought my Hasselblad 907x Special Edition from Denny Semick at Dodd Camera in Ohio. Absolutely top notch service, I trust them for anything I need.