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Looking for a walk around compact with a zoom


I have a GFX 50r for my main horse. I’m looking for a walk around with a zoom and possibly macro capabilities. My wife has a leica D-lux7 which I like. It’s a bit small for my hands, not unusable by any means.... Any other suggestions for a walk around compact camera with a (24-70ish) zoom?

I’ve had two RX100’s and they are too small.

Vince Lupo

Well-known member
Would something a Nikon Coolpix P950 work for you? A non-photographer friend of mine (which are really most of my friends, now that I think of it) asked me about one just yesterday - guess as a photographer you’re supposed to know about every camera that’s out there right? Anyhow I did a bit of looking and jeez they seem to be pretty nice cameras. Gets good reviews, but not sure if it’s the size you’d be looking for.