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LR Metadata issues


I've had a number of metadata issues since the latest release of LR and also switching to a NAS at that time. Bad combo obviously. The latest is when I make a change in LR I get the little exclamation mark telling me there is a metadata conflict. When I click on the Save Metadata tab a message comes up that says the metadata has been changed in another application rather than LR and do i want to overwrite the metadata in my catalog. I have made the change in LR only and not an external application. If I click yes I have often lost my changes. I've also tried the Read Metadata option and the Synch metadata option, both with mixed results and often coming with incorrect messaging too. I'm stumped. Any ideas guys? Thanks.

Joe Colson

Well-known member
You can store your images on the NAS but not the LR catalog. Store the catalog on your computer's hard drive. Store the images on the NAS. That should solve your problem.



Well-known member
It sounds like your NAS files are being read through your LR catalog and they got there somehow.

If you have assigned your NAS drives that contain LR images to be recognized inside of LR, that could be the problem. If you see your NAS drive(s) inside of LR, try removing their connection when working inside of LR. Backup/update your NAS image files outside of LR, through your computer OS Finder/Explorer type program.