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Lumix G9 file transfer to Ipad


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I am asking this to safe my marriage. I bought my wife a G9 and pushed her to shoot raw. While traveling, she wants to transfer photos to her Ipad to select and do some basic editing before posting or sending to friends. She uses the Panasonic app. She would like to transfer JPEG files not raw files. Apparently, there is an option to select the JPEG format, and she says she has selected it, but the files are transferred as raw and thus fill up her Ipad. Is there a way to transfer JPEG if you only shoot in raw. I know it is possible with my Leica cameras, and I assume it must also be possible with the Lumix. Thanks. Georg

Jorgen Udvang

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I'm guessing a bit here, but:
While there is a small jpeg embedded with the RAW file (for display purposes mostly), you may not be able to extract it. That depends on the software, and in Leica's case, it may also be an added functionality of the DNG format.


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No experience here editing images on my iPad, so not much to help you out now ( and safe your marriage).
But I’d say, unless your iPad App can create Jpegs, there’s only one thing for it and that is to shoot both Raw and Jpeg.
That’s what I did while traveling.


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I have the GX9 and I have the Panasonic app. If I have the configuration on the camera set to capture raw only, then only raw files can be transferred. If I have the configuration on the camera set to JPEG+raw, and the app set to transfer JPEGs, the app will only transfer the JPEGs. I don't see any way to generate the JPEG files in-camera after the exposure.

So the solution is to configure the camera to one of the JPEG+raw settings.

If you don't want to do that, you have to transfer the RAW file to the iPad. If you use an image editor other than Photos, you can process the raw file and create a JPEG of the image file in the Photos library, and then delete the RAW file from Photos. (I've done this with both SnapSeed and RAW Power.)

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I didn't realize that amongst the ten bazillion options this little camera offers, post-capture raw -> JPEG image processing was one of them. That's neat, if a touch clumsy when doing more than one or two exposures. I seem to recall that at least one of my Olympus cameras had the same capability.

Frankly, I find the Panasonic GX9 a bit more complex than I prefer. Too many options...



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Just wondering how the photography "partnership" is going. It's been almost two years. Leica, 2T iPad pro, or jpg?
Personally, I love shooting jpg to iPad to everyone I know :)