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Lumix S1 Series Firmware Upgrade Program


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Probably an announcement that went completely under the radar due to the announcement of a new camera and lenses.

Kinda light on details other than all cameras will receive the AF upgrades and the S1R will receive the %K video modes that are present in the Leica SL2. I’m hoping they’ll also include Cinema 4K, 10-bit video, VLOG, 4:3 Anamorphic modes, and maybe some higher frame rate options in full sensor width even if we get vertical cropping. Personally I think they need to provide more for their premium camera bodies because they’ve focused so much on the entry level professional and mid-tier bodies lately to bring them extremely close to the same spec as the $4K S1H.


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EDIT spammer has been removed, which is good!
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Yeah, I've been trying it out today in limited scenarios after updating my S1R. The autofocus seems to be able to lock on and hold quite a bit better in good light for sure. I'm not sure if the focus ability is still slowed down greatly when connected to an external recorder via the HDMI but that was somewhat of a known issue where continuous autofocus slows down immensely. I'm verifying focus through the Ninja V focus peaking for now. For talking head though the camera seems to be as rock solid as my Sony cameras have always been for the most part but it sometimes focuses slower, albeit smoother, when you make quick unpredictable movements... but I'm also still messing with settings to find the ideal ones for my usage.

I'm also still trying to determine how the camera is affected in mixed lighting. It wasn't terrible before in most scenarios but there were times where it would just hunt without being close to hitting focus if you didn't use near/far-shift focus. Up to this point the addition of near/far-shift has been the single greatest thing for acquisition on DFD cameras to the point I almost don't miss hybrid AF in most cases. I'm really happy about Panasonic bringing the S1R up to the SL2 video specs as well. I still need to update my Ninja V as well to the latest firmware to see if it adds anything major with native S1R compatibility. I'm hoping it does.

Time will tell if these additions add more to the equation.