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M10M @ ISO 64000


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Yes, 64000, not 6400!
Sitting at my desk last night & reading a thread about the M10M's hi-ISO capabilities, I picked up the camera (+ 50mm Summilux-M ASPH) and turned to my left take a photo diagonally across the room, the only light being a 40W desk-lamp behind me. The result below is at ISO 64000 (yes 64000 not 6400!) - amazingly clean. Next I'll borrow a black cat and look for a coal cellar... ;)


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Looking good Keith, lots of detail and limited noise.

Immediately tested my A7Rii at 64000 iso and converted to B&W in Lightroom.

Bare (no sharpening and no noise reduction) it certainly is noisier than your Leica at 64000. Noise can be brought down by Noise Ninja, Topas denoise AI or even the Lightroom sliders. Works pretty well and I can get similar noise to what your Leica is showing but I bet it's at the expense of some fine detail.
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Thanks, Pieter. I was astonished at how 'clean' the images came out. Regarding noise-reduction, all I did was to move the luminence slider in LR from its default 25 to 50.