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M11 Images


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I think the constant sarcasm kills this forum. I am just saying the Leica S files look different and more pleasing to me - ofc you can do and buy whatever you want.
Leica S3 is very good!

a P65+ was the reason why i nearly stopped using my GFX100 and sold it, would like to have a P45+ for long exposures though
I don't like GFX either. I think that's basically because I am from the film era. What they have promoted for their film look actually looks like a car crash scene to me.. When the pocket DC came out. Many had a film look. Then most of the big names in the industry abandoned the approach. P1 is one of the few exceptions. In the past, I've been testing and calibrating photos from different camera makers to the P1 look. Sony is actually not bad. I was able to match IQ1. I was never able to do the same for Fuji. Maybe it's just my problem.


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I thought this was mainly an image thread more than a discussion thread. That's all. Perhaps there are other M11 images threads?


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Chicago Riverwalk.
L1012287 1.jpg
M11 | Voigt Heliar 15 | f/14 | 2m | ISO 64
Not quite as sharp as I would like. Though on a tripod, it was unavoidably shot through and leaning against a double pane window [thus picking up window vibrations, building movement, and optical quality reduction]; but overall a pleasing and promising result for future efforts. In the full-size image, one can see car badges and even some license plate characters on the cars parked in the Marina Tower garages. My first digital M. Glad I got it.