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Making a new video file format


New member
I am working on a project that involves modifying the orginal frames of movie to attach additional detail into each frame. The additional detail that I put into each frame is interactive in nature ie. for example it could be a text box within each frame that i could type into. Now i know that a video is only for playback, but what I intend to do here is modify each frame in my required way and then assemble them all together to produce a new video file format(if i may call it that) and also design a video player that can play my format and also make it interactive like how I designed each frame to be.

I don't have much of experience in this field and I would like any pointers to resources if any.

Also please do let me know as to which platform I should do the processing of the frames in. MATLAB seemed to be an option but after a quick search I see that the output is in AVI format. But what I want to do is create my own format. please guide me through the basics and also on what tool or platform I should tutor myself to make my goal achievable.

Thanking you in advance