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Mamiya ZD: A True Medium Format DSLR


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During the pandemic I picked up a Mamiya Zd, it has quickly become one of my favorite cameras. I wrote a short review of it, if anyone here is interested!

Thank you for the review, I enjoyed reading it! The large pixel sensors are really special, I do miss my fat pixel digital back, although I couldn't justify to own two digital backs at the same time. How do you like manual focusing with the camera?

The Mamiya system is quite underrated, even though it has a few unique lenses (like the 80mm 1.9 and 200mm 2.8). You mention long lenses. Which one from the Mamiya line up would you recommend?


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Thank you for your kind words!

Manual focusing is not too bad, with the focus indicator it is not too hard to have acceptable sharpness where you want. Though with the 80mm F1.9, a little more tricky.
It's interesting how unknown it is! They have a lot of lesser known gems too, like the 500mm reflex and the 50mm shift.

I love the 55mm F2.8, 80mm F1.9, the 210, 300mm f4 APO, and the 500mm F8 reflex. I know people like the 200mm/30mm F2.8 manual lenses a lot, but I have yet to spring for them.

Steve Hendrix

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Well done, and a nice look at a product that never received a lot of attention, which makes it interesting to read of the finer details you presented.

Steve Hendrix/CI