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Medium Format and Coffee


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Anyone have a suggestion for best coffee to use in a Bialetti pot?:)
My favorite so far is Costa Rica Dark, roasted at the local venue (Dana Street Roasting Company in Mountain View, CA) and ground to an espresso grind. I buy a pound, have them grind it in their much-better-than-my grinder, and it generally lasts me about two weeks ... Not ideal, for sure, but good enough for my tastes. :D


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Tuesday, we received a gift from our dear friends in Italy. A Bialetti Moka Express AND a larger Venus Moka pot.

A can of Illy Classico arrived this evening and after several runs of coffee through the smaller pot, I was ready to make a cup for my own enjoyment!:)

Wow! I was not prepared for the taste even with the entire house filled with the chocolate/caramel/fruity aroma!

That was four hours ago. The smell and taste are still with me.:)

Now I better understand the Italian coffee experience. I am already thinking of how to try different coffees in the coming weeks.

This is great fun!!!


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I have had 60 days off coffee after going through a allergen/toxin protocol. Theoretically I am allergic to a protein in the coffee bean, not caffeine. Today is day 61 and it is back on the OK list and it was divine.


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I’m on day 380 about with lots of tea instead daily. Had two cups of drip brewed about a month ago and my stomach did not like it at all. Some day I will order decaf Espresso beans, and try with that. I think caffeine is the upsetting chemical and all stuff in tea is acting differently. For me.